Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Inspirational Post & Giveaway!

Welcome to Day 1 of Project NaNoWarmUp! We can't wait to get writing with you!

Today is also our first inspirational post! Here's how it works: In the comments post a quote or link for something that inspires you (related to writing, obviously). If you feel stuck throughout the week, refer back to this post for the inspiration or insight you need to keep going!

What inspires you?

(Haven't signed up for NaNoWarmUp yet? See this post for how to do that and get writing with us!)


In honor of week 1 and our first Inspirational Post, I'd love to give away a book about writing that seriously inspires me. We all know about Bird by Bird, but this is a book my mother gave me that I'd never heard about, and can't believe more people aren't reading it. It's a little new age (honestly I skipped all the breathing exercises) but I couldn't stop underlining and notating advice. The book was so inspiring I had to keep putting it down because my joy and inspiration were so intense. I hope you enjoy!


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