Friday, October 25, 2013

Our Last Weekly Check In!

Whew, we've almost made it! How are you doing? Are you closing in on 25k? I'm astounded that some of you had already passed the 25k mark as early as last week!

Just remember, even if you don't hit 25k, every word you add is a step forward. There's no losing this month!

Here's a few updates and notices for next week:

NaNoWarmUp was featured in YA Interrobang on Sunday!

Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi, who graciously donated several books for our weekly giveaways, have launched an amazing project where writers help other writers with queries, pitches, hooks, publishing advice, and more!

Monday will be our last Inspirational post, so make it count!

Next Thursday is the last day of Project Warm Up! We'll be asking you about your NaNoWriMo plans, and inviting you to share your user ID.

Please share your status in the comments!

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