Project Warm Up

We love NaNoWriMo! But in our busy schedules we can't always participate, or plan to complete the full 50,000 words. That's why we started NaNoWarmUp, to have a chance to work on our books at a more convenient time, at a slower pace!

The Goal is to write 25,000 words by October 31st. That's roughly 806 words per day, but we're going to call it an even 800.

See this blog post to learn how to join the Warm Up!

Who We Are

YA Writers Kat Zhang and Savannah J. Foley! Critique partners and former co-bloggers at Let The Words Flow and Pub[lishing] Crawl, this duo is co-managing the project and wants YOU to come join our community!

Kat Zhang  is an avid traveler, and after a childhood spent living in one book after another, she now builds stories for other people to visit. She spends her free time scribbling poetry, raiding local bookstores, and plotting where to travel next. Her debut, What’s Left of Me--about a girl with two souls--was released by HarperCollins on 9/18/2012. The sequel, Once We Were, came out 9/17/2013. Book #3 in the trilogy will follow in 2014. She is represented by Emmanuelle Morgen of Stonesong. For her Warm Up novel, Kat will be working on a story that's long been close to her heart, currently called The Un-Title-able Novel. No, really. This thing refuses to submit to a title.

You can learn more about her adventures, literary and otherwise, on her website or check her out on Twitter.

Savannah J. Foley  is a YA Fantasy writer with the Bradford Literary Agency. She wrote the Nameless series on Fictionpress, and is currently seeking publication for her sleeping beauty retelling, A Curse of Rose and Snow. Born and raised in the Seattle area, Savannah lives in Alabama with her boyfriend, who she met at an Enchanted Forest (no joke). An original contributor to Let The Words Flow, Savannah stepped down from the revamped blog Pub Crawl to focus on her writing. Savannah is 6'2, her Briggs-Meyers type indicator is INTJ, and her last name used to mean 'pirate'. She's using the Warm Up experience to work on a new book called The Cobworld!

Find Savannah at her personal blog, or where she's active on Twitter.


Are you associated with NaNoWriMo.org?

No, we are not associated in any way with NaNoWriMo.org, but we love the work they're doing!

Will you be posting articles on improving craft?

The goal with this project is to add 25,000 words to new or existing projects. While we welcome everyone, we envisioned the community to be mostly composed of writers serious about finishing their novels (however, if you're looking to finish a novella or something, that's fine, too. And you don't have to be seeking publication or anything, though we welcome those who are, and those already published and looking for a writing kick-in-the-butt!). Because our emphasis is on adding quality words without the pressure of NaNoWriMo, we're not focusing on improving craft so much as just showing up (figuratively) and supporting each other (literally). We'll post some basic How-To's to help people get a good plan in place before writing, but that's it!

However, you're welcome to include 'how to' articles or quotes on our Inspirational Day posts!

Do I have to sign up on the Warm Uppers page to participate?

Nope (but please do)! You're welcome to keep in touch in a casual way by using the #NaNoWarmUp hashtag on Twitter, and we'd love it if you'll join us for sprints and write nights.

Sprints and Write Nights? Are those scheduled somewhere?

Nope! Because we're a diverse community from all timezones across the world, we rely on members to create their own sprints and write nights. Members can find each other using the #NaNoWarmUp hashtag on Twitter. Got an hour to write? Announce it using the hashtag and see who else is available to sprint with you!

Who should I contact for media inquiries?

Please contact Savannah, using the email on the right.

Can I submit a guest post?

We have scheduled, community-sourced posts planned (see our Schedule at the top!) to invite everyone  to check in and contribute inspirational material, but at this time we are not posting instructive articles, or even inspirational essays (other than the ones linked to in the comments of the Inspirational posts, of course).